Pre-order: Black/Grey MiiXR® Protein Shaker Vortex Mixer (Expected Delivery February/March 2018)

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MiiXR® is currently in a phase of pre-production design and tooling iterations and close to moving to production.

Estimated Delivery Date: February/March 2018


Beautiful design meets blistering performance - a vortex mixer like no other. Packed full of exciting features, MiiXR® is an uncompromised product, truly in a class of its own.

Material Tritan Copolyester
Vessel Finish Transparent
Mouth Spout Wide
Easy-Flow Breather Hole
Detachable Base
Fluid Scale
Power Source 2 x AAA Batteries (Not Included)
Coupling Magnetic

Product Features

  • Patent-pending magnetic motor coupling offers secure base-to-vessel locking for improved user-experience
  • Industry-leading seals means no more leaking, no more mess - throw your MiiXR® into your bag with confidence
  • Wide mouth spout allows for comfortable, spill-proof drinking on-the-go
  • New breather hole in cap allows for superior air-flow and "chugability"
  • Carefully curated design features including a soft-touch matte finish
  • Specially designed blunt X-Blade™ to preserve micronutrient integrity
  • Detachable motor for easy-cleaning and lightweight water bottle option
  • Conveniently operated by 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • 600ml capacity includes measuring scale (ideal fill 250-450ml)
  • Made from Tritan™ copolyester, a durable, food-safe and odor-resistant plastic
  • Internal self-cleaning (simply add warm water, detergent and activate vortex)

Perfect for:

  • Powdered nutritional supplements (100g capacity):
    - Protein powders (including casein);
    - Mass gainers and carbohydrate formulas;
    - Non-instantised formulas and many more;
  • A world of every-day food and beverages:
    - Pancake batter;
    - Eggs;
    - Baby formula;
    - Cocktails;
    - Nut butters;
    - Yoghurts and oats;

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